Milna – First Bite Day

Every first moment of child is important for a Mother. However, does every mother completely understand about the meaning behind each of the moments? Has every mother give the best nutrition for their children? We conducted a social experiment to find out mother’s memories about the first moments of their children.


This project is Studio Antelope Indonesia’s second collaboration with Kalbe Nutritionals. Previously, we made a short film that tells of the struggle of a mother to provide the best nutrition for her only child. The short film can be viewed here.


This time, we collaborate one more time with Kalbe Nutritionals to tell how important nutritions for children. Kalbe Nutritionals come up with an idea to provide awareness for mothers throughout Indonesia concerning the importance of a child’s first nutrition.


We then advised to make a social experiment video that is emerging lately. In our opinion, such an experiment is able to talk effectively and this kind of approach is what they need to talk clearly about the issue.


Therefore, we invited five mother to come to our office with their children. One by one, we asked them what they remember about the first moments of their child.


This video was made as part of Milna First Bite Day campaign that promotes the importance of a child’s first mouthful. The first child nutrition greatly affects the power of thought and growth.




PT. Sanghiang Perkasa / PT. Kalbe Nutritionals



Writer & Director

Jason Iskandar


Florence Giovani

Director of Photography

Joshua Dwi


Ude Wardana

Branded & Commercials