Mimopay Company Profile


Mimopay is one-stop payment solution for digital contents and goods. They provide secure payment solution for game and apps developers in South East Asia. The goal of the project is to highlight the company in less than 4 minutes video.



The project was started in May 2016. The goal is clear: to make a company profile animation video which could give a brief information about Mimopay, both the services and the company itself. They operates in South East Asia, that’s why we need to make the video into two languanges: English and Mandarin.


Our first step is to determine the target audience. As a B2B company, we believe that Mimopay needs a video which can show their profesionalism through animated pictures. So from diction, visual approach, to the character of the voice-over talent, were determined to build that kind of nuance.


In the scripwriting process, we were free to use some words which are only known by people who works in IT industry. But, that is also the challenge, because we also have to consider some aspects, for wider audiences. The other challenge is to visualize some data, because it is really important to be told. With a great collaboration with Mimopay team, the script was finished in two weeks.


The next step is to transform words into animated pictures. Visually, this video uses color element from Mimopay identity: navy blue, to strenghten their identity. We use flat design treatment, because we believe it’s really effective to visualize some data and numbers, beside it is also enjoyable to watch. We spent two weeks to complete this step, so the whole process of this project took a month.



Joshua Dwi


Andronikus Glen

Content Writer

Cininta Analen


Christine Hartanto

Voice Over Talent

Almira Sarimaja Joesoef