Slate: An Introduction Video

Slate is a qube in Qubicle network. Slate is a curated Indonesian cinema platform, that showcase news & updates in Indonesian cinema. They have three brand values highlighted: hip, witty, and provocative.


The objective of this video is to give a brief overview of what they are. They want this video to show those three values subtly. Video is also expected to demonstrate their excellence & potentials that could also be a benefit for brands.


Video is also aimed for brands so they can understand the work patterns. Besides being a news platform, Slate also wants to be a platform for the brand to tell their brand values in the content that is created by Slate .


The nuance of this video is also inspired by the three values. The three value is a milestone of the storytelling that we want to apply in this video. Visually , we use a lot of tosca green colour which is their main colour Meanwhile, for the animation style, we choose flat animation style, which is modern and contemporary, in a fast tempo and dynamic editing , in order to represent their values.


Click here to visit their website.


Voice Over

Ario Bayu




Qubicle & Slate_ID


Joshua Dwi Sutedjo


Florence Giovani


Jesika Ismail