Tiga Pilar Utama Jokowi Untuk Negeri

In 2014, Indonesia faced fierce-lively-interesting election. This is the first time we saw people actively participate in the euphoria of choosing their new leaders.


There were two candidates at that time, Prabowo Subianto from Gerindra (Gerakan Indonesia Raya/Great Indonesia Movement Party) and Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi of PDI-P (Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle). From the start to the end, both sides showed a variety of methods in the campaign’s vision and mission.


One of the most effective form is video. Last year, we very proud to be involved in the campaign of Joko Widodo, who later elected as the seventh president of the Republic of Indonesia.


In a one-minute video of this, we try to summarize the main philosophy Jokowi taken from the founding fathers of this nation, Ir. Sukarno, known as the Trisakti. This philosophy is known as Trisakti which include: political sovereignty, economic self-sufficiency, and cultural independence.


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Jason Iskandar


Jokowi4Presiden Strategic Team