No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. (Edwin Hubbell Chapin)


Yamaha Motor Ibu (My Mother’s Motorcycle) is a part of mother’s day campaign of Yamaha Mio. Set in the rural area of Jakarta, Yamaha Motor Ibu tells a story of Bagas, a charming-energetic teenager who accidentally lost a motorcycle that he takes secretly from his mother. What is the reaction of his mother? How will Bagas returns his mother’s motorcycle?


The goal of the project is to make a heartwarming story to touch the audience, but without being too melodramatic & excessive in the dramatic act. We were asked to make an universal story about a relation between mother & son with a strong local context. Our challenge is to make the audience relate themselves to the story through the problems that were faced by each characters. Therefore, the conflict needs to be familiar to the audience.


The story is inspired by actual events that happened to the director’s friends. We tried to mix all of these actual events into one short story about mother and son. Learn more about Yamaha Mio in this link or watch Yamaha Motor Ibu on Youtube. Please like & leave a comment & don’t forget to share & tag your friends who have the same experience with Bagas. Enjoy the film!




PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motors Manufacturing

Writer & Director

Jason Iskandar


Florence Giovani & Joshua Dwi

Director of Photography

Fahim Rauyan

Music Composer

Ivan Gojaya


Atreyu Moniaga, Mia Lestari

Branded & Commercials
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