What does Studio Antelope do?

We work on feature films, short films, TV series, branded content, & commercial.

I have a very cool idea, can I pitch to Studio Antelope?

No, we only develop & produce ideas internally.

I manage a brand, can Studio Antelope produce content for us?

Yes, please contact our production office:

Can I send my script / screenplay to Studio Antelope?

No, please don’t send it in any form.


How do I apply for work at Studio Antelope?

Please see the vacancies and register at

How to be a freelance worker at Studio Antelope?

Freelance crews are usually chosen by the director and we cannot intervene.

Does Studio Antelope open an internship program?

Yes, 4 times a year. Please check for more info.

I am vocational student (SMK), can I apply for internship program?

No, our internship program is only for active university students.

Media Related

Can I visit & tour Studio Antelope?

No, for reasons of confidentiality, Studio Antelope is not open to the public.

I am a journalist, how do I interview someone at Studio Antelope?

Please send an inquiries to

How do I invite someone at Antelope Studio for a seminar / workshop?

Please send a proposal to

How do I screen Studio Antelope's works?

Please send an invitation to