For Brand & Business

I manage a brand, what can Studio Antelope help me?

Studio Antelope is happy to help you prepare and execute video campaigns, from developing creative ideas, production, to content distribution strategies.

I work at an advertising agency, do you provide production services?

Yes, we often work with advertising agencies. Our production team is happy to help you execute ideas.

I am interested in working with Studio Antelope, how do we get started?

Cool! You can use the following page to tell the basic idea of ​​your video. If you don’t have an idea yet, don’t worry, we can give you a free consultation.

How long does a video project take?

Usually it takes 3 to 4 weeks. However don’t hesitate to share your expectation to us.

What is the cost of a video project?

The answer: it depends. But don’t worry, tell us whatever ideas you have on this page and we can give you free consultation first.

For Filmmakers

I have a cool idea, can I pitch it to Studio Antelope?

Unfortunately no. We only develop and produce our own ideas.

How do I apply for work at Studio Antelope?

Please check job openings at

How to be a freelance worker at Studio Antelope?

Please check job openings at

How to do an internship at Studio Antelope?

Please check for more info.

I am vocational student (SMK), can I apply for internship program?

No, our internship program is only for active university students.

For Media

Can I visit & tour Studio Antelope?

No, for reasons of confidentiality, Studio Antelope is not open for public.

I am a journalist, how do I interview someone at Studio Antelope?

Please send inquiries to [email protected].

How do I invite someone at Studio Antelope for a seminar / workshop?

Please send a proposal to [email protected].

How do I screen Studio Antelope's works?

Please send an invitation to [email protected].

You have cool content on your social media, can we share it?

Please! Our content may be shared with anyone as long as you don’t forget to write down the credit for us.


Hello! Please contact our team below according to your needs.

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