Embracing the Vertical Trend

Rise with the digital wave with Studio Antelope®’s Vertical production services. Crafted for thumb-stopping moments, our vertical narratives captivate audiences in the scroll and swipe era.


Vertical Production Services by Studio Antelope
Vertical Production Services by Studio Antelope


Storytelling for the Swipe Generation

In a world of portrait screens and quick content consumption, vertical videos are not just an option but a necessity. Studio Antelope® leads the charge, turning the vertical frame into a canvas of innovation and engagement.


Full Service Vertical Production

Research & Insights

Analyzing market trends for story relevance.


Creating unique ideas tailored to you.

Planning & Writing

Crafting stories with depth and design.

Project Preparation

Prepping for smooth production transition.


Overseeing quality visuals & direction.

Post Production

Enhancing visuals, sound, and style.

Content Distribution

Distributing content on key platforms.

Content Marketing

Boosting your project’s visibility.


4 Reasons to Choose Studio Antelope

Mobile-First Focus

We understand the nuances of mobile viewing, from tap actions to swipe behaviors.

Creative Excellence

Our expertise lies in maximizing the vertical frame’s potential.

Comprehensive Solutions

From ideation to marketing, we’re with you every step, ensuring your vertical content gets the spotlight it deserves.

Collaborative Alignment

At Studio Antelope, partnerships are pivotal. We align with your brand’s vision, ensuring the end product mirrors your aspirations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I make vertical films/series?

First, because they are proven to bring higher engagement. Second, many vertical videos are created using simpler techniques, giving them an authentic and genuine feel. Therefore, they are perfect for brands looking to reach audiences on platforms like TikTok. Fill up this form and we’ll help you know more through free consultation.

How much does a vertical film cost?

The cost of a brand vertical series can vary depending on various factors such as the production quality, the length of the series, the frequency of the episodes, and the talent involved. Fill up this form and we’ll let you know through free consultation.

Does Studio Antelope also promote the product?

Yes, we do. In some cases, we also produce promotional content, such as behind the scenes, featurette, etc to help promote the series.

Who will direct and star in the film?

Each project has its own uniqueness. Therefore, we recommend choosing a director and cast based on compatibility with the story. But don’t worry, we have a network of the best talents in Indonesia.

What is the best duration for a vertical series?

Studying user behavior on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, they are made with a shorter duration, usually 1-5 minutes, because the attention span of users on these platforms is also usually lower.

What is the process of creating a vertical film?

The process usually involves several stages, including concept development, scriptwriting, pre-production planning, production (shooting), post-production (editing, color grading, sound design), and delivery.


Start Your Vertical Content Production

Ready to pivot to portrait? Contact Studio Antelope and let’s shape the future of content, one vertical story at a time. Start a project with us in three steps:


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Review & Approve: Examine the quote, and reach out with any questions. Upon approval, we proceed.


Start Production: After your nod, we’ll begin production, collaborating closely with you.

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