List of Directors

We take great pride in the diversity of our directorial team, each bringing their unique perspective and skill set to the table. With their expertise and a collaborative approach, our directors deliver exceptional results for each project they undertake. Browse our list of directors to learn more about our talented individuals and their experience.

Aco Tenriyagelli

Drama Ratu Drama (TV Series, 2022)

Yamaha: Journey to the Max (Branded Film, 2021)


Healing Trip (Web Series, 2022)

Snack Series: Tempat Paling Serem (Vertical, 2022)

Yamaha: Always Be With You (Branded Film, 2021)

Djarum Foundation: Surat Untuk Bumi (Commercial, 2020)

PUBG Mobile: 2nd Anniversary (Comedy Sketch, 2019)

PUBG Mobile: Spring Festival (Comedy Sketch, 2019)

Adi Victory

Snack Series: Hello (Vertical, 2022)

Sequis: XLRT Your Move (Commercial, 2022)

Adrian Owen
Andrew Kose

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! (TV Series, 2023)

Idgitaf – Satu Satu (Music Video, 2022)

Jumpa (Web Series, 2022)

Snack Series: Di Antara Kata (Vertical, 2021)

Anggita Puri

Harapan Gadis Harapan (Feature Film, In Development)

Samsung: Seperti Sediakala (Branded Film, 2022)

Snack Series: Poof, Meong (Vertical, 2022)

Anggun Priambodo

PUBG Mobile: 2gether We Play (Commercial, 2020)

JD.ID: Traktiran Hari Raya (Commercial, 2018)

JD.ID: Belanja Mudah (Commercial, 2018)

Free Fire: Booyah (Commercial, 2018)

Bobby Adrian

Agatis: Berburu Pensil Kuning (Commercial, 2024)

Agatis: Agatis Prime (Commercial, 2023)

Wall Street: Naik Level (Commercial, 2022)

Bramble: Behind the Brand (Documentary, 2018)

Brahmantyo Putra
Brandon Hetarie

GudangAda: Ramadan Aman (Commercial, 2022)

Snack Series: Pedekate 92 (Vertical, 2022)

Adi Putro: Terima Kasih (Commercial, 2019)

Dari Shopee Untuk Perempuan (Commercial, 2019)

Shopee: Untuk Perempuan (Commercial, 2019)

Sekai: Kasih Sepanjang Masa (Branded Film, 2018)

Moka POS: Percaya Moka (Commercial, 2018)

Difitzckal Satriatama
Fadel Ramadan
Iwan Abrory
Jason Iskandar

First Breath After Coma (Feature Film, In Development)

Akhirat: A Love Story (Feature Film, 2021)

TikTok: X&Y (Vertical, 2021)

Prankster (Short Film, 2020)

Cerita Tentang Jendela (Short Film, 2020)

UniCornetto: 90 Hari Memendam Rasa (Branded Film, 2018)

Dan Kembali Bermimpi (Short Film, 2018)

Pepsodent Sensitive Expert: The Expert (Commercial, 2018)

Pop Mie: Sahur SOS (Commercial, 2018)

CloseUp: Totally loser (Commercial, 2018)

Soul ID – Carpe Diem (Music Video, 2018)

Elegi Melodi (Short Film, 2018)

Pepsodent: A Story of Jennifer Bachdim (Documentary, 2017)

Pepsodent: A Story of Sissy Prescillia (Documentary, 2017)

Igloohome: Lock & Roll (Commercial, 2017)

Wardah: Kisah Lightening Series (Commercial, 2017)

Hijab Love Stories 3: Sahabat Hati (Web Series, 2017)

Wardah: Rumah Kos Ibu Mira (Branded Film, 2017)

Hijab Love Story 2: Kata Hati (Web Series, 2016)

Balik Jakarta (Short Film, 2016)

Yamaha: Motor Ibu (Branded Film, 2016)

Langit Masih Gemuruh (Short Film, 2015)

Seserahan (Short Film, 2014)

Territorial Pissings (Short Film, 2010)

Kenny Gulardi

Snack Series: Militan (Vertical, 2022)

Monica Vanesa Tedja

Milna: Organic Love (Branded Film, 2016)

Nadya Ratu Santoso

Somethinc: Tenangkan Hati (Branded Film, 2023)

RealMe: Be The Light (Commercial, 2021)

Pepsodent: Senyum Hari Pertama (Branded Film, 2019)

Blue Band: The Stoy of Ina Cookies (Branded Film, 2018)

Sariwangi: Mari Bicara (Documentary, 2018)

Ninndi Raras

Snack Series: Hubungi Sofia (Vertical, 2022)

Priskila Eirene

The Body Shop: Green Ramadan (Commercial, 2021)

Randy Korompis

PUBG x Pevita Pearce (Branded Film, 2021)

Rein Maychaelson

Idgitaf – Mengudara (Music Video, 2023)

Idgitaf – Kehilangan (Music Video, 2023)

Idgitaf – Dermaga (Music Video, 2023)

Snack Series: Portal (Vertical, 2022)

Wuling: Mendadak Reuni (Web Series, 2021)

Prince Darling (Web Series, 2020)

Riani Singgih
Wahyu Agung Prasetyo

Snack Series: Halo Sis, Gan (Vertical, 2022)

William K

Kirin: The One and Omni (Commercial, 2024)

TACO Flooring: Kehangatan Ramadan (Commercial, 2024)


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