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Hi! Finally we could post another blog post. Lebaran has passed and since then we have been busy preparing for Balik Jakarta shoot. We gonna shoot the film from Sunday til Tuesday. Thanks for all the cast and crew who have been working very hard preparing all the stuff. And also thanks to German Embassy in Indonesia who helps us all the time during the development.

For you who hasn’t know about this project, Balik Jakarta is a short film project collaboration between German Embassy in Indonesia and Studio Antelope. The goal of the short film is to show a friendship, bond, and connection between Germany and Indonesia in a daily life situation. So, Balik Jakarta is a story about Günther, a young tourist from Aachen, Germany, who is trying to find his childhood house in Jakarta, with a help from a motorcycle taxi driver (ojek) named Togar.

Balik Jakarta film crew is having a discussion after recce in Cikini.

It’s kinda difficult to find the actor who fit in Günther and Togar character. But luckily, Doreen from the embassy introduces us to Fred Neust, a nice warm German, who luckily again very interested to participate in this project. He uses ojek everyday to his office, so then he is the right guy. Then, we also found Yoga Mohammad, a theater actor who make Togar character comes to live.

The chemistry between these two is absolutely great. At the first reading session, we try to develop the character deeper, and they gave us great useful informations that sharpen the characters very well. We talk about the character’s background, motivation, fear, goal, etc, and we are not surprised at all that the first rehearsal also went very well.

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Frederik Neust and Yoga Mohammad as Günther & Togar in Balik Jakarta Short Film.

Jakarta is our hometown. Most of the crews are grown up in Jakarta, even though some of them are not. This film is also some kind of love letter, not only for Jakarta as the city we live in, but also for our homeland for those who are not born in Jakarta.

If you want to read more about this project. Just log on to And you have a chance to win a lovely helmet from German Embassy by leave a comment there.

Jerman-Indonesia friendship helmet: “Bersama Menuju Masa Depan”.[/caption]

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