Blue Band: The Story of Ina Cookies

Branded Content – Short Film | 1 minute | Color |16:9

A piece of the success story of Ina Wiyandini, founder of Ina Cookies, one of the biggest and legendary cake shops in Bandung, West Java. The film portraits the story of Ibu Ina in the 1990s, from her difficult economic situation to the birth of Ina Cookies.

Sepenggal kisah sukses Ina Wiyandini, pendiri Ina Cookies, salah satu toko kue legendaris dan terbesar di Bandung, Jawa Barat. Film ini mengangkat cerita Ibu Ina di periode 1990an, mulai dari ketika kondisi ekonominya sedang sulit sampai awal tercetusnya ide mendirikan Ina Cookies.


Blue Band





Writer & Director

Nadya Ratu Santoso



Florence Giovani

Wyona Pramono



Ridho Darussalam


Art Director

Dave Aryza


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