Bramble: Craftsmanship & Quality

Documentary | 4 minutes | Client: Bramble

Embark on the Craftsmanship Series, an enthralling visual odyssey that highlights Bramble Furniture’s unmatched artistry. Witness as traditional woodworking melds seamlessly with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring every piece narrates its unique tale. Embrace the human touch, as master artisans breathe life into each design, sculpting, painting, and finessing with unparalleled passion. Crafted exclusively from sustainable solid mahogany wood, Bramble showcases an unwavering commitment to exceptional materials. And, with a quality that defies convention, Bramble Furniture’s ethos is simple yet profound: to consistently exceed expectations.


Director & Videographer

Bobby Adrian


Florence Giovani

Livia Agatha

Creative Director

Jason Iskandar

2nd Videographer

Yohanes Austin Panjaitan

Drone Pilot

Alver Firmaz

Line Producer

Jessy Sylviani

Art Director

Finna Amalia

Sound Designer

Dira Nararyya


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