CinLock: Love Camera Action. A TV series produced by Studio Antelope.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! is a story about Lala, a passionate film student, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery while battling personal struggles, all in pursuit of her dream to become a film producer.

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CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 1
Episode 1

Lala harbors a fierce ambition to prove herself in the world of film, and her chance arrives when she decides to join the short film production of Reyhan, a senior and role model at her campus. Excited yet apprehensive, she faces a daunting obstacle in the form of the cold and aloof Reyhan. Watch now.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 2
Episode 2

Lala finds herself tasked with the mission of recruiting an art director and sets her sights on Jun, an enigmatic senior known for remarkable talent but seldom seen on campus. As she endeavors to forge a connection with Jun, a parallel drama unfolds within the production team. Watch now.

Episode CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 3
Episode 3

Amid her mother’s disappointment, Lala must continue her process with Reyhan. However, their team is torn apart after a big fight between Jun and Reyhan. Now, Lala must strive to keep the production running smoothly. Watch now.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 4
Episode 4

Lala faces multiple challenges but remains determined to complete her film with Reyhan. As their film gets accepted into the prestigious Saskara Film Festival, Lala wonders if she can win and prove herself in the film world. Watch now.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 5
Episode 5

After winning the Saskara Film Festival, Lala returns to her life, only to find herself dissatisfied with her accomplishments. At the same time, she is bombarded with hurtful comments about her victory, leaving her disheartened once again. Watch now.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 6
Episode 6

Lala shuts herself up at home, contemplating whether to abandon her cherished dream of becoming a film producer. However, in an attempt to encourage Lala, her mother has no choice but to reveal her past trauma. Watch now.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 7
Episode 7

Lala must persuade her friends to film Jessica’s script, all while dealing with their individual challenges. Together, Lala, Reyhan, Jessica, Jun, Ute, and others unite to make a film that holds significance for the people closest to them. Watch now.

CinLock: Love, Camera, Action! Episode 8
Episode 8

After completing their film, Jessica’s mother faces a sudden calamity, putting Lala and her friends in a tough spot. They must decide whether to proceed with their film screening or prioritize helping Jessica, putting their maturity to the ultimate test. Watch now.

Meet CinLock Cast

Meet CinLock Creators

Andrew Kose

Co-writer & Director

Jason Iskandar


Livia Agatha


Florence Giovani


Anggita Puri


Melarissa Sjarief


Widya Arifianti


Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo

Executive Producer

Rick Soerafani

Creative Producer V+

Thaleb Wahjudi

Creative Producer V+

Raymond Gultom

Creative Developer V+

Aldo Prahajanto

Creative Developer V+


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