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Ijul, the despised antagonist queen of soap operas, yearns to break free from her villainous image. Determined to seize the role of the protagonist, she faces a daunting challenge. Will Ijul triumph and win over the hearts of both her critics and fans alike?

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Episode List

Episode 1

After an on-set accident, Ijul must rebuild her image and confront Amelie in a showdown for the protagonist role. Enter the cutthroat world of showbiz, where redemption and rivalry collide. Watch now.

Episode 2

Amidst the chaos caused by Ijul’s disruptive father on set, a glimmer of solace emerges in the form of Julian, her co-star. In the whirlwind of Ijul’s tumultuous life, Julian becomes her sole beacon of hope. Watch now.

Episode 3

As Ijul tackles her father’s mess, a disruptive mass organization becomes a boomerang, throwing her efforts into chaos. Will Ijul break free from this destructive cycle and restore order? Watch now.

Episode 4

Ijul’s heart aches witnessing the crew’s exhaustion from extended broadcast hours. Driven by compassion, she takes action. But will her good intentions bring relief or exacerbate the situation? Watch now.

Episode 5

Ijul’s long-awaited dream of becoming the protagonist has finally materialized. Yet, strangely, her triumphant moment plunges her into despair. Will she find a way to rise above her lowest point? Watch now.

Episode 6

Amidst a national humiliation orchestrated by Amelie on live television, Ijul’s distress intensifies as an incident on the set further compounds her troubles. Can Ijul find the strength to overcome this? Watch now.

Episode 7

The devastating loss of a beloved cast member sends shockwaves through the entire cast and crew. In a bid to clear her name and unveil the truth behind the tragedy, Ijul takes courageous action. Watch now.

Episode 8

As Ijul returns to the set after her strike, a daunting challenge awaits her. Determined to shed the antagonist character she has portrayed thus far, Ijul embarks on a mission to prove her true nature. Watch now.

Meet the Casts

Meet the Creators

Aco Tenriyagelli

Writer & Director

Florence Giovani


Joshua ‘Bongeq’


Dinda A.F. Suratman


Hanan Novianti


Indriani Agustina


Sari Mochtan


Tia Hendani


Shanty Harmayn

Executive Producer

Tanya Yuson

Executive Producer

Aoura Lovenson Chandra

Executive Producer

Monika Rudijono

Executive Producer



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