Lexus Electrified: True to Legacy

Commercial | 1’30” | Color |16:9

In a world constantly evolving, the bond between a father and child is timeless, a story of legacies handed down and values instilled. This digital commercial captures the profound essence of this journey, drawing parallels between the unwavering guidance of a father and the steadfast legacy of Lexus.


Indonesia is on the brink of an electrified era, and just as a child is entrusted with the wisdom and values of their forebears, Lexus is committed to preserving the legacy of impeccable craftsmanship while ushering in a sustainable future. The narrative artfully unfolds, juxtaposing the mentorship of a father with the evolution of Lexus, emphasizing how both remain true to their core principles even amidst change.


With a deep-seated commitment to perfection, Lexus has diligently refined the art of electrification over the years. This dedication is manifested in our Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles and is heralded by the launch of our First-Ever All-Electric Lexus. Each vehicle in the lineup is a testament to our pledge to maintain an enduring legacy, while being innovatively designed for tomorrow.


Iwan Abrory


Executive Producer

Florence Giovani



Livia Agatha


Creative Director

Jason Iskandar


Creative Writer

Ferra Fergiani


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