Seperti Sediakala

Branded Film | 12 minutes | Client: Samsung

In ‘Seperti Sediakala,’ dive into an enchanting tale where Intan, on the cusp of marriage, stumbles upon Kala, a mysterious jeweler, in a quaint shop. Their encounter, more than just a fleeting customer-craftsman exchange, hints at a deep bond that defies reason. This romance fantasy short film, shot with the Samsung Galaxy S22, weaves love, destiny, and memories, leaving viewers questioning the true nature of their connection.



Reza Rahadian, Pevita Pearce

Writer & Director

Anggita Puri


Livia Agatha


Andrew Kose


Edward Sugi

Production Designer

Elena Natanael Santoso


Chandra Dwi Abdurrahman

Music Composer

Nabil Swara

Sound Designer

Dira Nararyya


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