Kirin: The One and Omni

Commercial | 45 seconds | Client: Kirin Indonesia

This video is a bespoke creation for Kirin Indonesia, crafted meticulously by Studio Antelope, which has taken charge of every aspect from creative ideation and production to post-production. For this project, we have also collaborated with Maya Republic, a distinguished digital communications agency, to enhance our outreach and impact.


This partnership has been instrumental in ensuring that the message not only resonates with our audience but also leverages the latest in digital strategies to maximize engagement. Together, we are proud to present the video commercial of Kirin Omni Oven KOO-162S and 202S, showcasing cutting-edge culinary technology that promises to revolutionize kitchen experiences.



William K


Sukhadharmi Padmalauwaty


Megan Hartanto


Jun Saputra

Art Director

Dave Aryza


William K

Colorist & Online

Thomas Joseph

Sound Designer

Dandy Fauzan


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