Kehangatan Ramadan Bersama Taco Flooring

Commercial | 30 seconds | Client: TACO Flooring

Returning home during Ramadan becomes even more special with the presence of TACO flooring. Not only do you get the best quality, but TACO flooring also adds a touch of warmth that makes the home more comfortable for the family.


Produced by Studio Antelope, this video creatively showcases the warm vibes of Ramadan, accentuated by TACO flooring products. The challenge lay in emphasizing the warmth and serenity of Ramadan while ensuring the flooring remains the focal point of the commercial.


To achieve this, we employed numerous low-angle and frog-eye angle shots. These perspectives allow us to capture various activities happening in the space, drawing attention to the quality and aesthetic appeal of TACO flooring. Through this creative approach, viewers can immediately recognize the commercial’s focus on flooring, all while being immersed in the comforting and special atmosphere of Ramadan.



William Karko


Livia Agatha

Christabel Fortunatus

Creative Writer

Anggita Puri


Hansen Adrian

Art Director

Asep Suryaman


William Karko

Sound Designer

Kingly J. Liow

Costume & Makeup

Vania Thufaila


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