Tenangkan Hati, Tenangkan Kulitmu

Branded Film | 2 minutes | Color |16:9

Prepare to be captivated by a soul-stirring journey of transformation in our exclusive Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H video campaign, thoughtfully crafted for Somethinc, a revered Indonesian beauty brand.


In the heart of a bustling office setting, we unveil a compelling narrative that transcends the mundane. Our protagonist, a resilient woman, grapples with the tumultuous tides of her emotions as she navigates the challenges of her professional life. To add to her trials, she finds herself entangled in a fierce rivalry with an office mate who seems determined to eclipse her brilliance.


However, it is during the sacred and introspective Holy Month of Ramadan that our story takes a profound turn. In the spirit of this holy period, our heroine embarks on a remarkable journey towards inner peace and forgiveness. The message is clear: it is not only crucial to calm and rejuvenate your skin but also to soothe and tranquilize your heart, especially during moments of adversity.


This tale serves as a poignant reminder that letting go can be the key to unlocking new blessings in your life. As the burdens of resentment and anger are replaced with the balm of forgiveness, a sense of tranquility and harmony ensues, permeating not only the heart but also the skin.


The underlying essence of our campaign is the powerful connection between inner serenity and outer beauty. By extending forgiveness and embracing the profound significance of letting go, our protagonist discovers a path to peace that transcends the confines of her office walls.


As we commemorate Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H, Somethinc invites you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Join us in celebrating the timeless message of renewal, forgiveness, and the inseparable link between inner calm and radiant beauty. Embrace the power of letting go, and in doing so, discover the blessings that await.




Concept by

Studio Antelope



Nadya Ratu Santoso



Megan Hartanto



Sukhadharmi Padmalauwaty


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