Berburu Pensil Kuning Agatis

Commercial | 30 seconds | Client: Agatis Stationery

The charm of the yellow pencil simply can’t be denied! This time, Fadel, his sister, and their mom went on a quest to find yellow pencils at the stationery store. Have you sought out yellow pencils at your local stationery shop yet? Let’s go pencil hunting together!


Building on the foundation of our initial Agatis commercial, which captivatingly showcased Fadel and his friend’s journey, our latest project broadens the narrative to include Fadel’s family. Embracing the spirit of adventure and discovery, this sequel ventures into the heartwarming pursuit of the iconic Agatis yellow pencil at a local stationery store.


Our primary challenge lies in retaining the original video’s enchanting essence while injecting an extra dose of excitement and engagement. By weaving in the dynamics of Fadel’s family, we aim to deepen the storyline, offering audiences both familiarity and fresh, intriguing elements.



Bobby Adrian

Jessy Sylviani


Livia Agatha

Jessy Sylviani


Bobby Adrian

Art Director

Vendri A

Make-up Artist



Vania Thufaila


Bobby Adrian

Priscilla Christy

Sound Mixing

Dandy Fauzan


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