Focus on Jason Iskandar: Pemutaran Film Pendek Jason Iskandar di The Radiant

Kesempatan untuk menonton film-film pendek Jason Iskandar sekaligus. Sebuah tempat pemutaran baru di bilangan Ciputat, The Radiant, akan memutarkan ketujuh film pendek karya Jason Iskandar. Ketujuh film ini akan diputar dalam satu program bertajuk Focus on Jason Iskandar.

Di pemutaran ini, film Balik Jakarta juga akan diputar. Jadi bagi yang belum menonton film pendek Balik Jakarta, ini kesempatan untuk menontonnya. Selain Balik Jakarta, film pendek lain dari tahun 2007 juga tentu akan diputar. Berikut detail jadwal pemutarannya:


The Radiant

Jalan H. Abdul Gani No. 17 Ciputat

Tangerang Selatan, Banten

Sabtu, 11 Februari / 14.00

Minggu, 19 Februari / 14.00

Minggu, 26 Februari / 17.00 *Disertai Diskusi

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, klik disini.


Film-film yang diputar adalah sebagai berikut:

Balik Jakarta / Return to Jakarta (2016)
Embassy of Germany Jakarta & Studio Antelope Indonesia | 4K | Fiction | 25 minutes

Togar (Yoga Mohamad) is a fresh graduate who works as a motorcycle taxi driver. One day he meets Günther (Frédérik Neust), a German tourist who brings an old picture of his childhood house in the area of Kebayoran. Only with the picture as a clue, and without any complete address, Günther and Togar look for the house.


Langit Masih Gemuruh / The Day The Sky Roared (2015)
Antelope Films | HD | Fiction | 10 minutes

Jakarta, Indonesia – May 1998, during two days of mass violence, rioters killed thousand of people, most of Chinese decent. A single Chinese-Indonesian mother struggle to save her family as the riot rose near their neighbourhood. But for her 8 years old daughter, that was the day the sky roared.


Seserahan / The Wedding Gift (2013)
Antelope Films | HD | Fiction | 11 minutes

SESERAHAN (The Wedding Gift) is a story about a bride who’s waiting for the groom. Unfortunately, the groom and his family met some problems on the way to the bride’s house. Anxiety and loneliness approached their hearts.


Tanya Jawab / Questions & Answers (2011) 
Gambar Darurat | HD | Fiction | 8 minutes

A boy will face the school test next day. Then he study, and ask for the help of his housemaid, who has her own activity, to ask the subject matter.


Territorial Pissings (2010)
Gambar Darurat | HD | Fiction | 7 minutes

A couple of teenagers wake up in a car. They want to continue their trip, but were delayed by conversations between them and their surroundings.


Indonesia Bukan Negara Islam (2009)
Gambar Darurat | Mini-DV | Documentary | 9 minutes

A documentary about two Moslem students who study in a Roman Catholic school in Indonesia. They share their views on Indonesia and Islam as a majority religion.


Sarung Petarung (2007)
Think Act Change 2007 | Mini-DV | Documentary | 15 minutes

Teenagers asking themselves about condom and its relation to safe sex. Their honest answers portrayed why we should start to talk about condom.

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